Bin Discharger / Bin Activator Product Profile

Carman Vibrating Bin Dischargers eliminate hopper flow problems including bridging and ratholing by using vibratory action to promote bin flow for many materials with challenging flow properties.

Individually engineered for each application, the unique design of the Carman Vibrating Bin Discharger allows easy installation with the ruggedness to stay on-line.

To ensure proper application, Carman engineers carefully analyze the flow properties of your product or raw material in our laboratory or with rental equipment in your facility. Performance of a Carman Vibrating Bin Discharger is guaranteed.

Bin Flow Problems

Carman Vibrating Bin Dischargers offer proven performance advantages including elimination of the two most common bin flow problems:


A no-flow condition in which the headload of the stored material results in a "bridge" or "arch" formation in the bin or the hopper section of the bin.


A condition in which the stored material does not slough into the central flow stream for discharge and instead forms a core. Problems associated with ratholing include flooding, substantial variation of density in product, and eventually, no-flow.

Carman Bin Discharging Solutions

Eliminate Bridging and Ratholing

The Carman Vibrating Bin Discharger eliminates ratholing by increasing the effective hopper outlet size while the unit's internal pressure cone eliminates bridging.

Maximize Hopper Volume

With identical elevations and bin diameters, a 60 degree bin with a 5 foot Carman Vibrating Bin Discharger provides 130% more hopper volume than a 70 degree static hopper.

Case Histories

Food Industry

Model 12GBD Bin Discharger assures positive discharge of spray-dried dairy product. FDA-approved design includes easily cleanable polished stainless steel surfaces, sealed pressure cone and white nitrile flexible connectors.

Food Industry

This model 4GBD Bin Discharger with dual discharge simultaneously transfers flour to separate pneumatic transfer systems in a large bakery. FDA-approved white nitrile flexible connectors and white epoxy on interior and exterior surfaces meet FDA standards for bakery operations. Double stainless steel drawbands prevent leakage even when handling fine products such as flour.

Water Treatment and Land Remediation

Incinerated hazardous waste is stabilized and neutralized by mixing with hydrated lime before disposal. This 5' diameter Model 5GBD Bin Discharger discharges -300 mesh hydrated lime at a constant density to volumetric feeding equipment.

Glass and Plastic Industries

Finely ground, difficult-to-handle minor ingredients and additives are stored and discharged at high rates to downstream "loss in weight" feeding equipment using a self-contained Model 3GBD storage bin mounted between floors. Large diameter outlet assures high discharge rates while in volumetric mode. Pneumatically operated gate assures positive shutoff for accurate feeding in the gravimetric mode.

Chemical Industry

12' diameter electrically heated and insulated Bin Discharger eliminates problems which occur during startup and shutdown when handling hot products in a wet atmosphere. 300░F skin temperature eliminates condensation and the sticking and flow problems which result when product buildup occurs.

Chemical Industry

Munitions plant uses portable 4' diameter storage bin with Bin Discharger for movement of volatile products from one process to another. System can be transported using integral lifting lugs or forklift brackets. Safe operation is assured by use of explosion-proof motor, vented support legs and non-vibrated stationary discharge valve.

Grain and Wood Industries

Fibrous materials interlock when stored. This Model 6GBD Bin Discharger includes a special steep-angle pressure cone that penetrates deeply into stored product. This eliminates bridging by permitting direct transmission of vibration.

Coal Industry

Coal flyash @ 60 TPH/Leg, 34' diameter tank, reinforced inlet and outlet connectors, dust-tight double drawbands, dual discharge legs, TENV drive with adjustable eccentric weights, positive angle internal pressure cone, heavy-duty hanger arms.

Food Industry

Discharges to vibrating pan, 3-4" cut carrots @ 3,000 PPH, 4' diameter tank, easily cleanable 304SS construction, integral spray head, connectorless design, waterproof TENV drive with adjustable eccentric weights, integral tank with adapter ring and lugs, standard-duty hanger arms.

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