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Carman Vacuum Densifiers offer an easy way to lower packaging, handling and shipping costs of fine and light powders or to deaerate these same products immediately before entry into an extruder to increase production.

By removing a portion of the air that surrounds the particles, Carman Densifiers can increase the density of various products from 50% to 100%. The Densifier's auger meters material into the vacuum chamber where a filter media, which surrounds the auger's perforated pipe housing, permits the removal of air.

The ideal product will be very fine, have an initial bulk density that's less than 20 PCF, and have a relatively large width and length when compared to the thickness when viewed under a microscope.

Product Initial Density Final Density
Precipitated Silica 4 PCF 8 PCF
Graphite 14 PCF 28 PCF
Kaolin Clay 15 PCF 20-25 PCF
Pulverized Coal 20 PCF 30 PCF
Talc 15 PCF 30 PCF

Features and Benefits

Carman Vacuum Densifiers offer unique product features to meet your demanding application:

Case Histories

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is densified from an initial bulk density of 15 PCF to a final bulk density of 27 PCF where it is discharged into a supersack operation that results in more product being shipped per sack while creating a more stable sack with the removal of the air from between the particles.


Talc is densified from 15 PCF to 30 PCF and then discharged via a diverter valve to both a supersack and paper-bagging operation.

Precipitated Silica

Precipitated silica is densified from between 4 and 5 PCF to a final bulk density of 8 PCF where it discharges into the inlet hopper of an auger packer.

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