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Carman Adjust-A-Flow Vibrating Feeders are the perfect solution for impact loading, wet materials, corrosive atmospheres, and many other adverse operating situations.

With a complete laboratory and testing facility and more than 30 years of engineering experience in vibratory material handling equipment, Carman can design and build an Adjust-A-Flow Vibratory Feeder to meet your requirements.

Features and Benefits

Carman Vibrating Feeders offer unique product features to meet your demanding application:

Case Histories

Glass Industry

This 2 foot wide by 16 foot long glass quencher handles either fiberglass or bottle glass cullet. Pan construction is either stainless steel or carbon steel with abrasion resistant liners. Dual 2 HP waterproof vibratory service motors are side-mounted to reduce headroom requirements. Solid rubber isolators are impervious to corrosive environments.

Foundry Industry

This 4 foot, 6 inch wide by 14 foot long severe duty indexing feeder transfers 5,000 pound scrap charge at a controlled rate to cupola. Extra heavy impact absorbing design includes sound deadening rubber liner, 1/2 inch abrasion resistant liners, 5 foot long replaceable discharge and special isolation system. Side-mounted 7.5 HP motors reduce headroom.

Chemical Industry

This 66" wide Carman Feeder spreads and uniformly distributes a corrosive product across a Stationary Fluid Bed Processor. Easily cleanable, corrosion resistant construction includes 304 stainless steel product contact surfaces, epoxy paint system on structural carbon steel components, solid rubber isolators, and water-tight motors.

Landfill Reclamation

This 8 foot wide by 10 foot long extra heavy duty grizzly is designed to handle incinerator ash ranging in size from fines to burned out 55 gallon drums. Two cubic yard bucket dumps directly onto tapered T-bar grizzly. Side-mounted 7.5 HP motors provide unrestricted access for charging and discharging ash. Adjustable stroke and attack angle optimize separation. Solid rubber isolators accept impact, minimize vibration transmission and resist corrosion.

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