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Carman Vibrating Fluid Bed Processors are the perfect way to heat, cool, dry, or moisturize your bulk solid material. By passing controlled process air up through the material bed of the Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor, the material is percolated like a gently boiling fluid. (Click here for visual of percolating bed).

The solid particles undergo intensive intermixing, as process air surrounds each particle, permitting direct heat and/or moisture transfer between the air and the particles.

It is this intimate contact between air and material particles which makes a fluidized bed the most efficient convection heat and moisture transfer process.

Features and Benefits

Carman Vibrating Fluid Bed Processors offer you:

Improve Your Drying Efficiencies

Carman offers the latest technologies and operating strategies to improve your drying efficiencies:

Case Histories

Mineral Industry

Solar salt is dried from 3% to .1% moisture and cooled to 100°F with this 2-Zone Model FBP-1594 Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor. To optimize thermal efficiency, hot air from the cooling zone is cleaned and recycled for drying. Corrosion resistant features include 316L stainless steel construction, rubber spring isolation system and totally enclosed Force Vector Drive.

Sand and Gravel Industry

Sand and gravel is dried from 6% to 0.5% moisture and cooled to 140°F with this two-zone model FBP-1102HT Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor.  To optimize thermal efficiency, hot exhaust air from the cooling zone is cleaned and recirculated as preheat to the drying zone.  Unit features long-lasting high temperature flexible air connections and an expanded hood to reduce fines entrainment and wear in exhaust duct work.

Chemical Industry

This custom designed 5'-9" wide by 24' long high pressure Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor includes 304 stainless steel construction, bolt-on high temperature drive, underflow weir, instrumentation nozzles, expanded hood, continuous plenum discharge, and skinned thermal insulation.

Chemical Industry

This model FBP-202 2-Zone Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor is fed by a Model BF36HD6 Feeder with triangular slotted bar dewatering deck. This system, specially designed for handling a heat sensitive product, dries from 35% to 0.5% moisture using 150° Fair and cools to 80°F using chilled air.

Plastics Industry

This stationary Fluid Bed Processor cools PVC pellets from 350°F to 120°F at 3TPH. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, the unit features a seamless easily cleanable design with hinged, oversized access windows, adjustable weir, and a stationary non-vibrating fluid bed.

Plastics Industry

Recycled PET is dried, preheated and crystallized on this Model FBP-562 Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor. Standard construction includes access doors, sample ports, internal lump breakers, thermal insulation, rubber spring isolation system and Force Vector Drive. Similar systems preheat limestone and recycled floor tile prior to extrusion.

Testing/Pilot Plants

Accurate drying, heating, cooling, dedusting, crystallizing and moisturizing tests can be performed in our lab or at your own facility. Bulletin #2012 details this system which is available on a rental basis.

Foundry Industry

This 5' wide by 18' long dynamically counterbalanced and isolated Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor includes natural frequency spring system and positive arm eccentric shaft piston drive. Cooling of hot shakeout sand is enhanced by evaporation of moisture in the sand. Cool, dry sand is screened at the discharge end to remove tramp iron and core butts.

Food Industry

To assure product purity, this 6' wide by 40' long Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor removes 40% moisture using indirectly heated drying air. Product contact surfaces are fabricated of 304 stainless steel to meet FDA standards. Exterior surfaces are insulated to increase energy efficiency.

Food Industry

Various grades of bread crumbs are dried and toasted at capacities up to 10,000 PPH on this Model FBP-1322 Vibrating Fluid Bed Processor. Independently controlled heat zones optimize throughput and thermal efficiency. Cooling zone eliminates condensation problems during storage and packaging.


Cools animal feed from 120°F down to 80°F to prevent condensation in packaging.  Unit features a unique, integral baghouse to prevent loss of fine product and to simplify its recombining with finished product.  System also includes outdoor, air-cooled chiller and process air cooling coils to insure adequate cooling on hot, humid days.

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