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Carman High Temperature Vibrating Fluid Bed Reliably and Efficiently Dries and Cools Wet, Granular Materials at High Capacities

Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA - Carman Industries introduces a standard line of high temperature dryers capable of drying virtually any non-heat sensitive, granular product at high capacities. Pre-engineered designs with 83 to 143 square foot processing areas are available.

Equipment design is "battle tested" including features proven in the packaged concrete industry where twenty-three similar systems reliably and efficiently dry and cool sand and gravel at high capacities. Equipment innovations include:

  • Ability to handle products with a broad range of particle sizes. Controlled vibrations eliminate deck pluggage by conveying large, non-fluidized "rocks" through the dryer.
  • Thermally efficient drying and high drying air temperature reduces equipment size and drying cost.
  • Integral cooling zone eliminates storage and packaging problems related to condensation.
  • Non-plugging air distribution deck. Special designs are available for handling very wet materials and non-fluidizable products that require mixing to improve drying efficiency.
  • Digital cascade controls monitor exhaust air temperature, an indication of product dryness, and automatically modulates drying air temperature.
  • Rugged, high-temperature construction includes use of high temperature alloy steel and a design which allows independent thermal expansion of air plenum, air distribution deck and exhaust hood.
  • Simple 2-shaft, "Force-Vector" drive includes long-life E-Series bearings. Dryer retention is adjustable using a standard VF drive.
  • Robust, factory installed thermal installation.
  • Air connector life is maximized by a ductwork/support structure system which insures nozzle alignment and includes an air purge system.
  • Startup and shutdown is quick and easy. Operation is reliable and maintenance free.
  • Dynamic testing before shipment, modular construction, steel coil isolation system and integral support legs simplify and reduce the cost of installation.
  • Carman Industries manufactures the most complete line of vibratory material handling and process equipment in the industry including Feeders, Bin Dischargers, Conveyors, Fluid Bed Processors, Drawdown Hoppers and Spiral Elevators.

    For more information, request Carman Vibrating Fluid Bed Processors Bulletin No. 1200 or contact:

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