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A Carman Spiral Elevator is the perfect way to accomplish multiple processes while elevating your product. If you need to heat, cool, dry, cure, dewater, or quench while elevating, a Carman Spiral Elevator is ideal for your application.

Using factory-designed laboratory test equipment, Carman engineers can evaluate your process requirements, demonstrate equipment capability, and develop specifications for production equipment. If preferred, rental equipment for testing on your site is available.

You can be assured of proven performance because a laboratory tested Carman Spiral Elevator includes a Process Warranty ensuring the unit will perform to your requirements. And, by optimizing operating efficiencies, Carman engineers are able to suggest the most economical equipment for your process.

Features and Benefits

Unique features and capabilities of the Carman Vibrating Spiral Elevator include:

Multiple Processes

Long Retention with Minimal Floorspace

Gentle, Sanitary Handling

Custom Matched to Your Application

Case Histories

Metal Industry

Preheated 550░ F brass chips are elevated 25' at 25,000 PPH to a melting furnace in a brass foundry's melt shop. Vibrating aluminum enclosure minimizes heat loss, reducing furnace energy requirements.

Polymer Parts

Spiral includes easily removable transparent covers. Portable construction includes integral center-tube isolation stem and mounting base with fork-lift brackets. 12" rubber O-rings, oil seals, and gasket preps are quenched in a water spray, then dried and cooled while being elevated. 12 minute retention is accomplished in a 4' x 4' floor space.

Food Industry

Toasted food products are transferred from the discharge of a fluid bed dryer/cooler to screening and storage. Gentle conveying action reduces degradation, and easily cleanable 304 stainless steel radiused product contact construction assures product quality. Center-tube mounted isolation system simplifies installation and reduces vibration transmission into building structure.

Plastic Industry

Pellets are indirectly water cooled while being elevated on this 36" diameter spiral elevator. Self-cleaning operation and 304 stainless steel product contact surfaces assure product quality and eliminate batch-to-batch contamination. Portable support pedestal includes fork-lift brackets.

Chemical Industry

Oxidation is minimized as hot product is cooled while being elevated 22' in an inert gas filled pipe. Heat transferred to the pipe is removed with forced air circulation on spiral pipe exterior.

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